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TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control Toronto (GTA) offers both residential and commercial pest control and human wildlife management throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We take care of your unwanted pests that have moved in rent free!

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OUR HIGHLY TRAINED STAFF are experts in the field who understand the importance of using an Integrated Pest Management approach to keep Pests and Wildlife where they belong: outside!

It can be difficult to choose a service provider for your pest control needs, which is why we help ease that worry by offering a Service Guarantee* that will refund your money if we cannot solve your pest control needs.

Having a professional Exterminator or Pest Management Technician inspect and treat your home or business at the first sign of activity is an important step in pest control. Pests can quickly grow from a nuisance to a full scale infestation that can wreak havoc on your home and health.



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While DIY options for insect or rodent control are widely available, domestic products are not always the right tool for the job. By hiring a properly trained and licensed pest control company, you can resolve your pest problem fast and effectively from the start. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Identifying pest problems can be done at home, but treatment is best left to the experts. Every pest is removed differently. Heights, burrows, bites, stings and contamination are obstacles our trained exterminators can address.


TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control technicians have treatments for pest and wildlife infestations of any size. With the right safety equipment and training, our pest experts can tackle a variety of insects and rodents in residential and commercial properties. Knowledge, training, imaging tools, injection rods, and safety equipment are important tools of our trade.

Call us at the first sign of an infestation. Rodents breed quickly and will use your property as a buffet, hotel, scratching post and bathroom.

Tracking and treating unseen insects and vermin are vital to the smooth running of your property. Our services include proper pest, rodent and wildlife management.

Contamination, health hazards and structural damage are real problems. Ants, cockroaches and even pigeons can spread bacteria around your home. Biting insects include bed bugs, fleas , mosquitos and wasps, which can be quick to feed on or sting humans and pets. It is important that you act quickly to gain control of your pest problem.

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Spotting a single spider, silverfish, rodent, etc. does not mean that property owners or managers will be able to eliminate them. With a professional and affordable pest control company like TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control, you have access to all of the top-of-the-line tools, materials and equipment to get the job done right.

Pest removal is most effective if infestations are caught early. It can be tough to spot a small pest, but by calling early, you can limit the amount of damage to your space. Contacting TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control in Toronto provides expert results, peace of mind and excellent customer service. When you are ready for professional help, call TruTech Pest And Wildlife Control!

All of TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control’s methods, for both homes and businesses, are carefully thought out to ensure impacts on the environment are fully considered and properly controlled.


If you are dealing with pests on your property, contact our experts at:

Our licensed and insured technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest extermination and humane wildlife removal, capable of handling any job, any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some pest control companies, our removal solutions are carefully thought out and involve an integrated pest management approach. Meaning, we do not just apply chemicals to solve every problem, we work with our clients to help prevent future infestations from occurring.

Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can help: (647) 289-7378


  • Technition was very good. Cared for his job. Did a good job.

    mehdi kassim
    October 14, 2023

    After 2 1/2 months, the wasps came back. I called and they sent a young man over who took care of spraying the nest again. They honoured their... read more

    b m
    October 12, 2023

    Great service from Adrian.

    Winze Tam
    October 11, 2023

    I had a carpenter ant problem in my carport and contacted TruTech from a referral by a neighbour. They contacted me and the next day came to my property,... read more

    Valerie Story
    October 11, 2023

    The two technicians were very personable and helpful. They are a credit to your firm. Ann Elliott

    October 11, 2023

    Arrived promptly and removed the wasp nest. Didn't even have to be home at the time.

    Jesse Nyman
    October 4, 2023

    Adrian is very nice and professional! He spent time explaining the problem, the solution, and the reason for his recommendation. He cared about the customer and tried his best to... read more

    Ethan Wang
    October 4, 2023

    Hi, I am using their services for over 2 years, and this is a second good review I'm writing for them. They are punctual, professional and prompt to respond to... read more

    Roya Jabaroutian
    October 4, 2023
  • I found TruTech to be very professional and upfront with me about how they were going to fix the problem with the squirrels,I was very happy with the result,I would... read more

    Cyril Hall
    September 20, 2023

    Adrian was pleasant and patient with all my questions. Addressed the wasp nest on my roof. Thank you for all your help!

    Ilana M
    September 18, 2023

    This is to give an excellent rating to Adrian who not only came on time, but was very pleasant and efficient at his work! He explained the spraying process, and... read more

    Augustilia Gomes Pinto
    September 18, 2023

    I have to say I'm so impressed with Adrian from TrueTech. A company is only as good as it's staff and Adrian is incredible. He is courteous (he phoned... read more

    Tanya Caruana
    September 18, 2023

    Amazing service… I forgot to get the name of the employee that attended to me on ground but he was amazing…. Thanks for all the advice by the way. Also,... read more

    Dapomola Ogbuaya
    September 18, 2023

    We had pigeons nesting in our patio roof and wouldn’t leave even after the baby pigeons grew. Because of this, bird mites started crawling into our home. It was a... read more

    charanjit Cheema
    September 18, 2023

    We had a great experience and the customer service provided by Adrian was top notch. Adrian, the Technician that was assigned to do our home was very professional, polite and... read more

    Cosimo Coffa
    September 18, 2023

    the Technician explained the service and inspected the property. He was very helpful, with suggestions on how we could aid in controlling our problem.

    Suzan Weidt
    September 18, 2023
  • These guys are the pros. They are honest, take pictures and manage expectations. I have used a cheaper company in the very recent past and they gave us dangerous information.... read more

    Ishwar Ahluwalia
    September 18, 2023

    Called TruTech for their services and had an excellent experience. The technician who arrived was punctual, knowledgeable, and very friendly. The service was done properly within the specified time frame,... read more

    Sasha Garaca
    September 18, 2023

    Adrian did an outstanding job locating the bees hive and providing excellent, professional advice. He explained the procedure to deal with a nest that was hidden behind a metal covering... read more

    Paul Woodley
    September 18, 2023

    We had a giant hornet's nest in my parent's backyard and the (handsome) guy who came did such a great job of getting it out of here. Definitely book these... read more

    Liz Heather
    August 18, 2023

    knowledgeable and quick service. no nonsense service done right and no more mice or hornets . I called for mice and he found the hornets so both are... read more

    MikeG A
    August 18, 2023

    Patrick was friendly, knowledgeable and kind. We appreciated his customer service and his attention to making sure it was a job well done.

    Carolyn Marshall
    August 18, 2023

    Quick to respond when I asked for recommendations thru Homestars. Arrived when promised. Identified and eliminated the wasp problems. Much appreciated the overall work done.

    Ian Tripp
    August 18, 2023

    Patrick was great. He scheduled a visit quickly and did a very thorough inspection which identified the likely point of entry for the mice. We never would have found it... read more

    alison paprica
    August 18, 2023

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