Preparation Checklist

Bed Bugs: After Treatment Checklist

TruTech has developed these sets of guidelines for what you should expect and do
after we complete a treatment for bed bugs.
Bed Bugs: After Treatment Checklist

  1. You could see bed bugs crawling around. They could be on your sheets, on the floor etc. This is very unusual behaviour for bed bugs and means they have been treated and are slowly dying. You can either pick them up and put them down the toilet or vacuum them. Either way, you should kill them.
  2. You should keep sleeping in the bedroom areas, so they keep active. This will keep them coming out which will make them walk through the residual pesticide which will kill them.
  3. Please DON’T put on plastic bed covers. These covers actually prevent us from treating your suite and help the bed bugs to hide and multiply more! We recommend either a durable bed bug fabric encasement or nothing at all.
  4. Keep all clothing etc. quarantined until the second treatment and you know they have been eradicated. This means keeping clothes that have been washed and dried in plastic bags/totes. This is to keep clothes being re-infected.
  5. Do not bring any new furniture/bedding into your home until the second treatment has been done and we are sure the bed bugs have been eliminated.
  6. Please do not clean the residual up as this is what kills the bugs
  7. To break the life cycle of the bed bug, a second treatment must be done within 10- 14 days. This is the time when the eggs will hatch and if the juvenile bed bugs are not eliminated, the process starts all over again.

The process of bed bug control takes the involvement of all involved. As pest controllers, we cannot do it without your help.