Preparation Checklist

Bird Prevention Preparation Checklist

How to Prevent Birds from settling on your Balcony

The first thing to prevent birds from trying to nest on your balcony is to exclude what they
want: food and housing!
Bird Prevention Preparation Checklist:

Firstly: Limit or remove available food and water.

  • Any feed: bird seed, bread, left out organics etc.
  • Water: dishes, old plant containers, gutters or water collecting in a bad drainage area of your balcony etc.

Secondly: Limit shelter for them.

  • Any clutter: Boxes, cushions, bikes. Anything that birds can hide behind or will act as a wind break for them.

Thirdly: Cleanliness. Birds hate clean areas!

  • Anytime you can brush your balcony with warm soapy water, bleach is even better, you will deter birds. If you see even some bird poop, clean it up as soon as possible.
  • Nesting materials: Remove any nesting materials immediately!!: Twigs, feathers, wrappers, leaves, etc.

Fourthly: Perching. Birds like to land on something first.

• Limit the amount of items they can land on before they drop down to the balcony floor.
This can include putting up spikes on balcony rails, sloping metal pieces on ledges etc.
Although we can’t remove all the birds in your area, we can deter them from coming to your balcony. The more unwelcoming your balcony is, the more they will look elsewhere.