Centipede Extermination Services in Toronto


House Centipedes are typically deemed as nuisances, and we can assist you with their elimination.

Centipedes can occasionally deliver painful bites that lead to inflammation, redness and other signs of irritation. Thankfully, these bites are rarely serious and are just a source of annoyance.

Centipedes, known for their long, numerous legs, often inhabit dark and moist places like basements, crawl spaces, and bathrooms. Unfortunately, once they take up residence in a home or business, it can be incredibly challenging to eliminate them.

Centipedes can be unappealing to have in a home or business, creating the perception that the area is unsanitary or poorly maintained.

Centipedes can be helpful in certain scenarios though, they prey on other insects, including spiders, cockroaches, and silverfish. Because of this, they can act as pest controllers in your home or place of business, though caution should be taken in case these predators also attract more pests.

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