Preparation Checklist

Cockroach Removal Preparation Checklist

The technician will require you to prepare your suite as follows:
Cockroach Removal Preparation Checklist

  • Cleanliness is key to cockroach control. Cockroaches need food items to survive, so please clean any dirty dishes, clean oil/fats from cooking, pet food bowls, open dried food containers and packages and vacuum regularly to prevent cockroaches.
  • Please clean any food stuffs/grease crumbs etc. Any un-kept food/living spaces which would harbor cockroaches will be noted and submitted to building manager.
  • Please take out garbage/recycling bins, cleaning products etc around kitchen sink area. If you can physically, please pull out stoves and fridges and clean in and around those areas.
  • We will need to access around the fridge, stove, and under sink areas, so please remove any items/bags/boxes around these areas as well.
  • In general, the better access we have to where you are seeing cockroaches, the better we can treat. The more uncluttered living spaces the better.

After Care Protocol

  • When the technician is finished baiting your home, you may put the items you have
    moved back to where they were.
  • Please do not wipe or mop the perimeter of the floors, under appliances or inside the
    cupboard areas that we have treated for at least 30 days, as this will remove the treatment applied.

If you have any questions before or after the treatment, please don’t hesitate to call us.