Preparation Checklist

Mite Removal Preparation Checklist

Mite Removal Checklist:

  • First the source of the mites must be dealt with. Therefore, any bird nests or rat infestations need to be dealt with first. Any pets will need to be treated by a professional vet, moved a good distance away from the home or removed from the property during the treatment process.
  • Clean and vacuum any and all carpets, floors & rugs
  • All sheets, blankets, and other bedding should be washed in detergent and at the hottest water the fabrics can tolerate.
  • Make sure to clear all furniture away from the walls and have the floors clean.
  • Before the treatment is done the homeowner must pick up all loose items on the floor. If this is not done, the technician will not be able to treat your home.
  • Do not leave food or food preparation equipment on surfaces
  • All people & pets are to be away during and after the treatment for at least the required time frame of 4-6 hours.
  • Cover any fish tanks completely with a towel or heavy lid so as to avoid chemicals
  • coming in contact with their environment.

After Care Protocol

  • Be sure to keep birds from nesting near, on or in the home. They can cause
  • re-infestation.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the home every day for at least 2 weeks
  • DO NOT shampoo the carpet. Doing so can result in removal of the residual effects the chemicals are meant to have on Mites that are still in the home.