Preparation Checklist

Moth Removal Preparation Checklist

The technician will require you to prepare your suite as follows:

  • Vacuum all rugs, carpet and upholstered furniture. Vacuum bag should be discarded upon completion.
  • Dry any clothing in a hot dryer for 30 – 40mins.
  • Clothing should be isolated just after drying and before our treatment.
  • Any unlaundered wool, or natural fibre clothing should be laundered in hot water or dry cleaned. Clothing should be isolated just after washing and before our treatment.
  • Furniture should be pulled away from the edges of rooms and closet floors and shelves where insect activity has been seen should be cleared, so that your Local Pest Control technician will have access to all areas.
  • Vacate the premises during service and do not re-enter until at least 4 hours after treatment.
  • Open windows for 20 minutes after re-entry if needed. If you are pregnant or elderly or have respiratory issues we recommend an extra 4 hours.
  • In general, the better access we have where you are seeing moths, the better we can treat. The more uncluttered living spaces the better.

After Care Protocol

  1. When the technician is finished baiting your suite you may put the items you have
    moved back to where they were.
  2. Please do not wipe or mop the floors or cupboard areas that we have treated. If
    needed, please put down newspaper over the top of the residue, but do not use a wet
    towel or mop to clean as you will simply be removing the substance that’s going to kill
    the moths.

If you have any questions before or after the treatment, please don’t hesitate to call