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Welcome to Markham, a beautiful city in Ontario known for its vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes. But amidst the beauty lies a common problem that many residents face: pests and wildlife invasions. Whether it’s pesky insects or uninvited critters roaming around your property, dealing with these unwanted guests can be quite a challenge. That’s where professional pest control and humane wildlife management services come into play. 

TruTech Pest Control & Wildlife Control offers comprehensive solutions to address all your pest and wildlife concerns. With our expertise and experience, we can effectively identify and eliminate a wide range of pests, including ants, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, mice, rats, and more. Our team of skilled technicians are well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure efficient pest eradication.

What sets TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control apart is our commitment to humane wildlife management and industry leading customer service. Instead of resorting to harmful methods that may harm or shock wildlife, we focus on using eco-conscious and ethical practices to remove wildlife from your property. This includes using one-way doors, and exclusion techniques to allow wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, and other critters to leave on their own, reducing any shock or trauma that handling them may cause. 

Our team at TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control understands that each situation is unique. That’s why we provide personalized solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We conduct thorough inspections to determine the extent of infestation or invasion before devising a customized treatment plan for long-lasting results.

Additionally, TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control offers preventative measures to help safeguard your home against future infestations or invasions. From screening and sealing entry points to implementing effective deterrents, you can trust us for reliable protection against pests and wildlife threats.

With TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control by your side, you can bid farewell to unwanted guests in a safe, effective, and compassionate manner.

So don’t let pests take over your home, call TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control today!

Markham Pest Control & Humane Wildlife Management

Whether you’re dealing with mice, rats, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, or larger wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, birds or skunks, TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control has the knowledge and skills to handle any situation. We prioritize humane practices whenever possible. This allows us to safely remove animals from your property without causing harm or distress.

Pest control is an essential service that helps to keep our homes and businesses free from the invasion of unwanted critters. In Markham, pest control services are in high demand due to the diverse wildlife population and urban development. Whether it’s ants invading your kitchen or raccoons nesting in your attic, professional pest control services can effectively handle these issues.
TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control offers a wide range of services to address different types of pests. We utilize safe and effective methods to eliminate pests without causing harm to humans, pets or the environment. From inspecting for signs of an infestation to implementing targeted treatments, our team has the expertise needed to ensure a successful outcome.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of skilled technicians understands how important it is to tackle pest problems promptly and efficiently. We provide personalized solutions tailored specifically to each unique situation.

By enlisting professional help from TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control in Markham, you will have peace of mind knowing that highly trained, government licensed technicians will handle any infestation effectively, while prioritizing safety for both humans and animals involved.

Humane Wildlife Services offer a responsible and compassionate approach to dealing with wildlife issues. Instead of resorting to trapping or extermination, these services focus on finding humane solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of both humans and animals.

One of the key methods used in humane wildlife management is exclusion and screening. This involves identifying and sealing off potential entry points to prevent animals from entering homes or buildings. By addressing the root cause of the problem, it helps to create a long-term solution that minimizes harm to wildlife.

Another important aspect of humane wildlife services is education. Our team of technicians understand that often, conflicts arise due to misunderstandings or misconceptions about animal behaviour. Through educational programs and outreach efforts, they aim to foster greater understanding between humans and wildlife, reducing instances of conflict.

By choosing humane wildlife services, you not only protect your property but also contribute towards conservation efforts for our precious natural resources. So next time you encounter a wild visitor on your property, consider reaching out for professional help that prioritizes kindness towards all creatures great and small

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TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control is a trusted and reliable solution for all your pest control and humane wildlife management needs in Markham. With our expertise and experience, we provide effective and ethical solutions to ensure the safety of your family, your property and the animals involved.
Our team consists of highly trained professionals that understand the behaviour patterns of different pests and wildlife species. We use innovative techniques to identify entry points, eliminate infestations, and prevent future occurrences.

In addition to our expertise in pest control and humane wildlife management, we also provide comprehensive exclusion services. We inspect your property thoroughly to identify potential entry points for pests or wildlife. By sealing these areas off effectively, they help to prevent future infestations from occurring.

When it comes to protecting your home or business from pests while ensuring the well-being of local wildlife populations, TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control stands out as a top choice in Markham. Our commitment to ethical practices combined with our extensive knowledge makes us an ideal partner for anyone seeking professional pest control services.

Don’t let unwanted guests take over your property – reach out to TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control today! Let our experts take care of all your pest control needs while promoting coexistence between humans and nature in Markham. Trustworthy service is just a phone call away!


I have used 3 pest control services so far, TruTech is the most impressive one. Not only because they are professional, but to me the technician explained to me patiently my questions and concerns and helped my with informed decision. I will definitely recommend them to others if possible. Side note, after checking work order they emailed me, the technician is Adrian.
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Excellant Customer Service. On time. Polite. Shopped - this is best value
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Donna Dickson
Called TruTech for their services and had an excellent experience. The technician who arrived was punctual, knowledgeable, and very friendly. The service was done properly within the specified time frame, with great, professional communication on TruTech's part throughout the process. I would recommend this company for your needs.
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Sasha Garaca
I have only good things to say about TruTech and in particular Jay. Despite a biting cold day he climbed ladders, walked the large roof and found the problem and other potential problems. He made necessary steps to help solve the past problem and at no time hurried to answer my questions fully. Jay was professional, thorough and so polite.
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Willy Wilkins

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