Preparation Checklist

Pharaoh Ant Removal Preparation Checklist

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants (Monomorium pharaonis) are small, yellow ants that are considered a major pest in many parts of the world. They survive in indoor areas by building nests in walls, cabinets, insulation and other undisturbed, well protected dark places. Pharaoh ants are able to grow from egg to adult in just 38 days and they typically have multiple queens that allow for colony relocation.
They are particularly problematic in residential and commercial buildings as well as hospitals due to their capacity to spread contaminants (including diseases) from place to place.

What to look for:

Pharaoh ants prefer nesting in dark places such as in walls, beneath floor boards, near heaters, under carpeting etc. Monitor for ants trailing in or near these locations as well as behind baseboards, above ceilings, in furniture, light fixtures, and in or around food or garbage (Double sided tape or glue boards are a great way to monitor for ants). You may look for activity around electrical and plumbing areas; around appliances generating heat and anywhere ants may find food, warmth and moisture. If you can tell your Local Pest Control Technician where you have seen them, it will allow them to target the area’s most in need.

People and pets do not need to vacate. The technician will require you to prepare your
suite as follows:

  • Do not use insecticide sprays or harsh cleaners, as these will render our treatment ineffective and cause the ants to SPREAD MORE!!
  • Remove enough items from all kitchen and bathroom cupboards to allow us to access the back of every cabinet. Empty all drawers.
  • Remove all electrical outlets and switch plate covers in your unit. A dime will help with this if a screwdriver is not available.
  • Replace all old or ripped shelf paper.
  • Clean, clean and clean! All kitchen and bathroom surfaces must be clean and grease free, especially those areas around the fridge, stove, microwave and toaster. Also, be very aware of sugary items: pop, beer candy are huge attractants for ants.
  • Reduce clutter! Pharaoh ants feed on a huge variety of items and hide in cluttered areas, especially those near sources of heat and moisture.
  • Throw out garbage daily and ensure dirty dishes are not left out overnight or keep foodstuffs in airtight containers.
  • Fix dripping taps or leaking pipes, and ensure splashed water does not remain in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • The ants will survive for one month on water alone.
  • After our treatment is complete you may return your residence to normal.
  • Do not clean up or remove the bait we put down.
  • You may still experience activity for up to two weeks after this treatment. Please let us know if you still see activity after this time.