Toronto Is The Bed Bug Capital Of Canada (We’re #1)

Bed Bugs Toronto, GTA | Toronto Is The Bed Bug Capital Of Canada (We’re #1): Here’s How To Identify & Protect Yourself

Toronto is known around the world as one of the most vibrant cities in Canada, and the bed bugs couldn’t agree more! In this article, we’ll look into what makes Toronto such a hot spot for these pests, how to identify them, and steps you can take to protect yourself — as well as when it may be time to hire a professional.

The city of Toronto has been dubbed the bed bug capital of Canada, and for good reason. These pests are a serious problem in the city, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, brown insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are often found in mattresses, bedding, and furniture. Bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, but they can cause a lot of discomfort with their bites, and they can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

To identify a bed bug, look for:

  • Bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped, and about the size of an apple seed.
  • Adult bed bugs can grow to be 4-5 mm long and 2-3 mm wide.
  • They are small, brown insects
  • Bites on the skin that are red and itchy
  • Bloodstains on sheets or clothing
  • Dark spots on mattresses or furniture (these are bed bug droppings)

If you think you may have found a bed bug, take a photo and contact TruTech Pest And Wildlife Control. We will be happy to identify it for you and provide you with an action plan and quote. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of on your own, and a professional will have the tools and experience necessary to eliminate them completely.

The Increase of Bed Bug Infestations in Toronto

Bed bug infestations have been on the rise in Toronto in recent years, and (sadly) the city has now been dubbed the ‘bed bug capital of Canada’. These irritating pests can be found in any type of home, from apartments to hotels, and are known to hitchhike their way into your home on luggage, furniture, or clothing and deliveries.

While bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, they can cause a number of health problems for people who are allergic to their bites. Bed bug bites usually result in itchy red bumps on the skin that may be accompanied by swelling and/or blistering. In some cases, people may also experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and/or headaches.

There are some things you can do to protect yourself from bed bugs:

  • When traveling, always inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs before unpacking your belongings. Look for signs of bed bugs such as small brown spots on the mattress or sheets.
  • When staying in a hotel room, keep your luggage off the floor and away from the bed when possible.
  • When traveling, check online resources such as to see if there have been any recent reports of bed bug activity at your destination.
  • When you return home from travel, inspect your luggage carefully and wash all of your clothes in hot water.
  • Check other areas of your home where you spend time: couches, chairs, recliners, etc. These furniture items can also harbour bed bugs.
  • When bringing new or used furniture into your home, inspect it carefully for any signs of bed bug activity.
  • When receiving a delivery of clothing or fabrics, discard the packing outdoors and run the material through the dryer on the highest heat it can safely handle for at least 40 minutes.

When to Hire Professional Help | Bed Bugs Toronto, GTA

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, it’s important to take action quickly to get rid of the pests. While you can try to do it yourself, there are many reasons why it’s best to hire a

Here are some signs that it’s time to call in the professionals:

  • You’re not seeing results from your DIY efforts. If you’ve been trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own but haven’t had any success, it’s time to ask for help. A professional will have the tools and knowledge necessary to eliminate the pests.
  • The infestation is spreading. If you’re noticing more and more bed bugs, it’s a sign that the infestation is getting out of control. By calling in a professional, you can nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse.
  • You’re dealing with multiple infestations. If you have bed bugs in more than one room of your home, or if you suspect that there may be other pests such as cockroaches or ants, it’s best to call TruTech Pest And Wildlife Control. We will be able to assess the situation and come up with a plan to get rid of all the pests in your home.
  • You’re concerned about using insecticides. If you’re worried about using insecticides or other chemicals around your home, hiring a professional is the best way to go. We are trained to safely handle and apply the chemicals we work with. It is our job to keep your family and pets safe!

Why TruTech Pest and Wildlife Control is the Best Choice

As Toronto’s leading bed bug removal company, TruTech Pest and Wildlife Control has a proven track record of success in eliminating bed bugs from homes and businesses. Our certified technicians are experts in bed bug identification and treatment, and use the latest technology and equipment to effectively eliminate bed bugs from your property.

We understand the stress and anxiety that bed bugs can cause, and our goal is to provide you with peace of mind by quickly and efficiently removing these pests from your home or business. We offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs, including one-time treatments, monthly or quarterly services, and long-term pest management plans.

In addition to our effective bed bug removal services, we also offer a variety of other pest control services to keep your home or business safe from other common pests, such as ants, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, etc. We also offer wildlife removal services to safely and humanely remove animals that have entered your property, such as squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and birds.

Toronto has been dubbed the bed bug capital of Canada, but with TruTech Pest and Wildlife Control’s help, you can rest assured that your home will be free from these pesky bugs. By following our tips to protect yourself and identify a potential infestation early on, you can reduce the chances of an outbreak significantly. So don’t wait—get in touch with TruTech Pest and Wildlife Control today if you think your property may be at risk.

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