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Millipedes are actually a common occurrence in Toronto – they’re not just something you see in movies! They typically live outdoors in damp places like gardens or near water sources, but during particularly wet weather they may venture into your home in search of drier ground. Millipedes are actually harmless creatures that eat decomposing leaves and other dead plant matter, but their presence inside your home can be unsettling.

If you find a millipede indoors, the best course of action is to simply scoop it up in a cup or container and release it back outside.

There’s no need to kill these critters, and doing so could actually make your indoor problem worse. That’s because when millipedes die, their bodies release a substance that attracts other millipedes. So if you have a millipede infestation, killing them is likely to only make things worse.

The best way to prevent millipedes from entering your home is to reduce the moisture levels around your foundation and seal any cracks or openings that might serve as entry points.

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