Protecting your house from bird activity – Hiring professional, and tips to keep the birds away

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the chirping of birds outside your window in the
morning, but what happens when these feathered friends start nesting in or on our homes and causing damage? From clogged gutters, dryer vents, and hood range vents, to unsightly droppings, bird infestations can be a real headache for homeowners. Fortunately, TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control are Bird Barrier Certified, and offer plenty of effective and humane techniques that can be used to help keep birds away from your property. So if you’re tired of dealing with pesky avian intruders, read on for some professional solutions on protecting your home or business from bird infestations!

Overview of Bird Infestations

Birds can cause serious damage to your home or business. They can damage your roof, eaves, wall vents and siding; tear up your insulation; and make a mess of your gutters. They can also spread diseases and parasites.

There are several ways to prevent bird infestations:

  • Keep your property clean and free of food sources. Remove any garbage, pet food, or other potential attractants from your yard.
  • Cut back trees and shrubs that provide perching or roosting sites for birds.
  • Have bird netting installed over open areas such as patios, porches, and pools.
  • Use visual and audio scare tactics such as loud noises, shiny objects, or water sprays to keep birds away.

The Risks of Bird Nests in Your Home

Birds can carry a number of diseases that can be harmful to humans, including histoplasmosis, salmonella, and toxoplasmosis. In addition, their nests can block gutters, downspouts, and vents, that can result in water damage, or the risk of a fire in your home.

Remove Nesting Materials from Property

When birds are nesting, they will often use materials from your property to build their nests.
This can include things like twigs, leaves, and even small pieces of trash. While it may seem harmless, these nesting materials can actually attract other birds to your property, which can lead to an infestation.

To help prevent this, be sure to remove any nesting materials from your property as soon as you see them. You can either dispose of them yourself or contact a professional pest control company to do it for you.

Install Physical Barriers to Prevent Entry

There are a few things that can be done to physically keep birds from entering your home:

-Install metal flashing or netting around your home, paying special attention to any gaps or openings where birds could potentially enter. Make sure the netting is fine enough that birds can’t get through, but not so tight that it will sag and create new openings.

-Seal any cracks or holes on the exterior of your home with caulk or another type of sealant. This includes both small cracks and larger openings like vents.

-If you have gaps in your window screens, repair or replace them so that birds can’t get

-Hang curtains over windows and doors to provide an additional barrier. heavier curtains will work best, as they are less likely to flap in the wind and create an opening for birds to slip through.

Professional Services for Bird Nest Removal

If you have a bird nest on your property, it’s important to identify the type of bird, and ensure you fully understand the legislation regarding the bird nesting or roosting at your home, and protection laws. e.g. migratory act. This is often why it is best to contact a professional take manage your bird issues.

TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control has all of the the necessary tools and equipment to safely and effectively remove the bird nest from your property. Not all bird activity, or situations can be resolved using a blanket method, there are many things to take into account. They will also be able to advise you on how to prevent future infestations or activity, to help manage any unexpected costs down the road.

If you’re considering removing a bird nest yourself, it’s important to be aware of the risks
involved. Removing a bird nest can be dangerous, and if not done properly, could result in
serious injury or illness. It’s always best to leave this job to the professionals.

Bird infestations can be a real nuisance and cause serious damage to your property. Thankfully, there are many preventive measures you can take to minimize the risk of bird infestations around your home. From setting up physical barriers like netting and screens, to creating an uninviting environment with loud noises, visual deterrents, or smells, the steps taken can go a long way in protecting your house from pesky birds. Keep these tips in mind when it comes time to address any potential bird problems – prevention is much simpler than cure!

Reviewed By Matthew Sawyer

Matthew is the founder and business director of TruTech Pest & Wildlife Control. A Structural Exterminator with government licensure and training from Guelph University. As a dedicated member of both the Canadian Pest Management Association and the Structural Pest  Management Association of Ontario, he takes great pride in his profession.

Matthew’s extensive experience has made him a valuable and forward-thinking  member of the pest control community. He consistently strives to improve the  effectiveness and environmental impact of pest and wildlife control methods.

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