Preparation Checklist

Carpet Beetle Removal Preparation Checklist

TruTech will be treating your residence so as to control Carpet Beetles.
The technician will require you to prepare your suite as follows:
Carpet Beetle Removal Preparation Checklist

  • Remove any items from the floor area of bedrooms including: under beds, closets
  • Clear all, or as many, items from the floor area in all other rooms including under
  • kitchen/bathroom counters
  • Any excess clutter, toys, books, clothes etc should be taken off the floor; put them on top of a bed or something alike
  • Before we began the treatment, all occupants, including pets, must leave the unit and not re-enter for a minimum of 6 hours after our technician arrives
  • You may leave aquariums, but make sure you turn off the filtrations and aeration systems and cover the tank with a sheet or cloth; please leave the cover over the tank for an extra 2 hours when you get back.
  • Anyone who is more prone to allergies has asthma or children under 2 years of age should also leave the building for an extra 6 hours for a total of 12 hrs.
  • When you re-enter your suite you may put the items you have moved back to where they were. Please do not wipe or mop the floors or cupboard areas that we have treated. You may vacuum but do not use a wet towel or mop.

You may open doors and windows when you first come home to air out your home.