Preparation Checklist

Rodent Removal Preparation Checklist

Mice and Rats are present because of the availability of food. If you eliminate their food sources, they will cease to be a nuisance. If all residents clean and prepare their suites so there is no food available, we can eliminate them quickly. If all residences do not follow these instructions, mice will be a constant pest throughout your building-forever!

Please follow these guidelines to prevent rodents in your suite

  • Clean kitchen floors regularly after cooking, grease and oil can sustain a mouse population!
  • Vacuum and clean around all eating areas: dining room, living rooms, couches etc..
  • Clean especially around stoves, behind and beside stoves and fridges
  • No foods can be left on shelves, cupboards, pantries/benches etc.… unless it is canned goods or
  • sealed in hard plastic or metal containers.
  • Buy a sealable garbage can for any food leftovers
  • Put ALL foodstuffs in tightly seal-able containers. *This means Fruits/vegetables/breads.

EVERYTHING! Bags of rice/flour must be put in a metal/plastic sealed container, bags that they come in are not sufficient.
Light packaging that many foods come in are also not good enough. For example: crackers/cereals/pasta/coffee/rice etc., must be put into sealed containers even before they are opened. Mice will eat through cardboard/plastic packaging… easily! *These containers can be metal or hard plastic – $20 at the “Dollar Store” goes a long way!

If you have pets, do not leave out dog, cat or bird food! Once your pet has finished its meal,
please put the food and bowl (or thoroughly clean it) in the fridge or in a sealed container.
A Pest Control Technician will be laying out tamper resistant mice bait stations and possible snap traps in your suite. He will place these stations/traps as well as he can away from the reaches of children and/or pets. These stations should NOT be handled by anyone in your suite, especially children or pets. We will come around and collect the bait stations once the mice population is controlled.